Remove Coffee and Tea Stains: Step by Step Tutorial

  • Blot up any excess liquid with a clean, dry cloth
  • Pick a Dynamo Professional detergent and stain remover that works for the clothing type and colour
  • Pre-treat the stain
  • Wash in cold water
  • Check the stain


Pick a Detergent and Stain Remover

Choose Dynamo Professional liquid detergents.


First, check the care label on your clothing and make sure it is washable. If it is, use Dynamo Professional Liquid. Colourfast fabrics may benefit from Sard Wonder Stain Remover Spray or Powder. For fine fabrics like wool or silk, always use a sensitive detergent for washing.



No matter what detergent you’re using, always check the colour fastness of it in an inconspicuous place. Then apply Sard Wonder Super Power Spray directly onto the coffee or green tea stain and wait for a short time (up to 10 minutes). Alternatively, you can directly apply a little Dynamo Professional Liquid to the stain.



After pre-treating the stain, wash the fabric in the hottest water temperature possible with your selected Dynamo Professional detergent. To boost the stain removal performance on stubborn coffee and tea stains it is advisable to use Sard Wonder Super Power Powder together with your detergent in the main wash.


Cold water may be an option for removing coffee stains from clothes when soaking. However, the hottest water possible should be used for washing. Most stains will come out of your clothing after just one wash. If the stain is still present after the first wash, however, you’ll want to repeat the pre-treatment and wash it again.


Getting Coffee and Tea Stains Out of Special Laundry Types and Fabrics

The steps above work well for getting tea and coffee stains out of shirts, pants and even sheets. However, if you’ve accidentally spilled on a surface that can’t be washed in the machine, like your couch or on a large comforter, you’ll want to pre-treat the area as normal, then rinse the area with cold water, dabbing the stain until it lifts from the surface.


Special fabrics may require different types of care as well. Cotton and polyester are typically tough fabrics, but delicate materials like silk may require handwashing with a 
sensitive detergent, which can help remove stains without causing further damage.


Removing Coffee and Tea Stains From Different Colored Fabrics and Laundry

When using a Dynamo Professional detergent and a Sard Wonder stain remover product, always check the colour fastness of your fabric before you attempt to get rid of the stain. The fabric may bleed or become damaged if it does not react well with the stain remover.


When washing and removing coffee stains from white fabrics, follow the step-by-step directions carefully. When blotting the stain, use a clean, dry, white cloth to do so. A coloured cloth may help remove the stain, but it could also bleed onto the white piece of clothing and cause more damage.


Removing Coffee and Tea Stains After They’ve Dried

Accidentally run your shirt or pants through the dryer with a coffee stain on them? If you need to remove an old coffee stain on a white shirt or pair of pants, you’ll need to pre-soak the garment in lukewarm water. For that purpose, mix your selected Dynamo Professional detergent with Sard Wonder Super Power Powder and let the laundry soak for a few hours, some stains may require an overnight soaking. After this, pre-treat and wash as outlined above.


Homemade and Natural Stain Removers for Coffee and Tea Stains

Homemade and natural stain removers may be able to help you remove coffee and tea stains, but they may also cause more harm than good. Vinegar can damage washing machine parts over time. Hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice can alter the colour of the clothing. Rubbing alcohol may damage the fibers of some delicate materials. Instead of relying on homemade stain removers, use a detergent made to get rid of stains.


Accidentally spill your cup of coffee or tea? Don’t worry; taking care of that stain is simple with these steps.

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