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Immerse yourself into the history of Dynamo

Since 1979

Immerse yourself into the history of Dynamo

Dynamo Liquid was launched as Australia's first successful liquid detergent in 1979. The launch featured a long running campaign featuring Peter Snook deliberately poured tomato sauce and other stubborn stains on people's clothing, then removing stain, to their surprise and relief.

In the late 80s through 90s, the Dynamo advertising featured characters from the popular local comedic TV series "Mother and Son".

In 2007, we launched our "Dynamo with a Boost of Sard" that contains built in pre-treaters for superior stain removal and added brightening action.

In 2008, our Dynamo Liquids were relaunched as a 2x concentrated liquid.

In 2015, Dynamo got together with renowned Aussie sportsman, Tom Williams, to show that you can wash with confidence, even when faced with tough tomato sauce and oil stains.

Liquids further improved in 2016 when phosphates were removed and Dynamo Liquids were created as one form, suitable for front and top loading machine types. Our formula was also enhanced by using a unique enzyme blend for superior stain removal.

At the same time, Dynamo Professional was successfully launched as our most advanced formula with 5 action in one wash and was supported with an all new TV commercial.

To meet your every need, Dynamo improved its entire product portfolio with a new & improved packaging and new & improved formulations across its variants Dynamo Professional Oxi Plus, Dynamo Professional 7in1, Dynamo Professional with Odour Eliminating Technology & Dynamo Professional Sensitive – free from perfume & dyes.