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Hand washing

How to hand wash

Hand washing is recommended for delicate items such as lace, lingerie, wool, silk or very dark colours that may run.

When hand washing delicate articles, use lukewarm or cold water. Dissolve ½ a cap of Dynamo in 5 litres of water then add the article to be washed. Squeeze suds gently through the garment, taking care not to rub, wring or agitate any more than necessary. Stubborn stains may be dislodged by a gentle rub with Sard Wonder Soap before washing. Squeeze out, then rinse well, using lukewarm or cold water. Use the same gentle treatment described for the washing procedure.

You can remove excess water after hand washing with a light spin in the washing machine, or by rolling up the articles in a dry towel. Do not hand wring or tumble dry.

Turn your delicates inside out and hang dry as quickly as possible, avoiding strong winds and direct sunlight. Turn woollens and loosely woven or knitted articles inside out, pull them into shape, and dry flat. Cool iron if necessary.